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Posted by Tara MeShale on Sunday, May 25, 2014 Under: Work from Home
In the past three weeks I've joined several different earnings sites. It started with ChatAbout. What is ChatAbout? It is a website where you get paid to post comments, do small tasks, watch videos and take surveys. You need 500, which is equal to $5 to cashout for PayPal or a gift code. I was able to cashout about a week after I joined and received my $5 Amazon the next day. Here's a screenshot of my account:

After browsing around reading the different discussions and signing up for offers in exchange for points I joined InstaGC. InstaGC is a site where you get paid to click on websites, watch videos, complete surveys and sign up for offers. You only need $1 to cashout. When you cashout, you receive your reward instantly. I have earned two $1 gift cards so far. Here's a screenshot of my InstaGC cashout history so far:

Since I have so much more time on my hands now, I've been putting a little more effort into my online earnings. Continuing on with the paid surveys, I'm also spending a little more time on Mturk since it is quick and easy money. I don't want to overload myself with more than I can handle. However, there are so many opportunities to earn online. I tell myself all the time that there's no excuse to not at least always have a little pocket change. This month I've received payments from:
  • InstaGC - $2 in gift codes
  • Chatabout - $5 gift code
  • Bing Rewards - $5 gift code
  • Swagbucks - $10 in gift codes
  • Pinecone Research - $15 Paypal
  • InboxDollars - $27.17 check

So far that's $64.17 in payments that I have received for my online activities. It's not much, but considering I just began spending time online again, it's not bad at all. I was able to buy ink for my printer with the gift cards and some household items with the cash. Can't beat that. Next month I'll be able to report a lot more in earnings since I'll have the time to do it.

Are you interested in earning online? Check out the Useful Links page for more information about the different money-making opportunities I use.

UPDATE: I am no longer a member of ChatAbout. I went through a period when I had little to no access to the internet and could not participate, so I assume they deactivated my account. After I regained access to the internet again I began participating and reached enough points to request payout. I successfully put in the request, but never received it and could no longer access my account.

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