Borrowing Money

Posted by Tara MeShale on Monday, April 16, 2012
When you borrow money, you never really seem to be able to pay it back. Or at least that’s how I feel right now. I was short on my rent at the beginning of this month. I borrowed some money from my bank. Now my weekly payroll check is being used as a payment for my debt and I will not have enough money on my own to pay next month’s rent, which means I’ll have to borrow some more money. The fortunate thing, though, is that I did have sense enough to have my paychecks split into two different accounts at different banks, so I’m not totally broke. Another fortunate thing is that the mystery shopping has been paying off. Last week I received a payment for $170.48 and today I received a payment for $24. I plan to use most of that money to do more mystery shops. I’m reimbursed for my purchases and I’m paid fees for the actual assignments, so it’s all good. I just moved into a new apartment, so money is extra tight right now, but I have some ways of saving a little money here and there. For one, I only use debit cards that offer some sort of cashback rewards. My Paypal card, for instance, offers 1% cashback on all purchases whenever you choose the credit option instead of debit. My credit card, which I try not to use very often, also offers cashback on all purchases. I just got a prepaid debit card from Kroger, which offers points for every purchase I make with it and I can redeem those points for discounts on fuel whenever I buy gas at one of the Kroger gas stations. Let’s not forget about coupons and circulars. Money is so tight, it’s ridiculous. If I have any advice, which I would think would be common sense, but then I was the fool who did it anyway, it would be to not borrow money. Or borrow as little as you could possibly get by with. Otherwise, if your income has not increased, you’ll only be paying back the money you borrowed just so you can borrow it again. See ya next time.

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