Don't Quit Your Day Job...Yet

Posted by Tara MeShale on Monday, August 5, 2013 Under: Work from Home
I've put the plan in motion and now I'm rolling. I've either re-registered with paying sites that I've used before or I've registered with new ones. I have sticky notes all over the wall directly in front of my computer so that I have daily reminders as to why I should continue on with my efforts and not give up. I also have my daily plan of action on the wall so that I'll stay on track. The number one thing on the list is prayer. Prayer really does change things. I'm a firm believer in God and I have found that keeping God in my life tends to keep everything together. Next, I set off to all of the work that I do. I'm a member of so many different websites and programs that it's difficult to keep them all organized, so I have that worked into my daily action plan, too. The biggest thing that I've added to my plan is PTC or Paid to Click sites. I used to do paid to click, but for some reason that I can't remember, I stopped doing them. In short, PTC sites are slow earners in the beginning because you get paid to click on advertisements and most of the time those ads only pay pennies or less. The real money comes in referrals. I won't go into too much detail right now about how they work, but I'll either dedicate a post or an entire page to PTC sites in the very near future. Right now I will say that if everything turns out the way I plan, then I should be bringing in an extra $1000-$1500 per month with my PTC efforts within the next several weeks.

Also, I'm going to be spending a few minutes everyday on Slice the Pie, which is a music review site. For every review I write on a song I hear on the website, I'll get around $0.10. The minimum cashout is $10 and I've been paid by them before, so I definitely will add this to my daily repertoire. Also, for the next seven days I'm going to post a new review on Epinions and a new list on ListMyFive. These two websites will add to my residual income. I've also joined SFI or Strong Future International, which is a home-based business opportunity. There's no required financial investment, only time, so I'm going to put a few minutes in everyday there, too to see if my efforts pay off over the next few months. Yes, money will be flowing and I'll be out of debt soon!

The reason I titled this post "Don't Quit Your Day Job...Yet" is simply because with all of the methods that I've used to make extra money, none of it has been instant. I most certainly wished they had been, but none of them were/are. If you've browsed through some of my other posts, then you know that while I enjoy mystery shopping, I would not have jumped into it full-time if I had not been laid off from my job. Most shops require that you spend money, which I don't have much. On top of that, most mystery shopping companies pay monthly, so when you first get started you won't see your first check for at least a month. The same applies with field services. There's no money to invest there unless you work for a company that requires you have errors and omissions and workers comp insurance, but with the companies I've worked with in the past, several of them have a monthly pay schedule. So if you need money right away, these aren't necessarily the best ways of getting it, though they can be great opportunities to go into business for yourself and become your own boss. Just make sure you have another source of income in the beginning months. Paid surveys are definitely not a way to replace a primary source of income, but they can be great as a secondary source...once you get the ball rolling. PTC's are a primary source of income for many people globally, but as I said earlier, getting started is the hard part. To really make money with them requires a lot of patience and diligence. You really need the fruits of the spirit to hang in there for a month or two while you're clicking for pennies, waiting on the chance to get referrals if you don't immediately invest in the site. Unless you're in a bind like I was/still am, then I would suggest you start one or more of these opportunities during your spare time and work your way up. Do a combination of these activities so that you'll always have income. You never know when one source may fall through. Most importantly, just keep at it. Set a goal for yourself and do what you need to do to achieve it. That's what I'm going to do.

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