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Posted by Tara MeShale on Thursday, July 25, 2013 Under: Work from Home
Obviously, I've been away from the blog for a long time. I've been mystery shopping like crazy and even started getting into field/insurance inspections. The money was finally starting to roll in when my bills began to increase with my income. Not good. So, what do I do? Write about it. Writing is such a stress reliever and I can write my heart out for as long as I want. The mighty pen and paper (or in this case, word document and keyboard) will generously take in every word I write, no matter what mood I'm in. Now, the plan? Well, if I were to really go in depth about how the finances and business got to where they are now, that would span several posts. As a matter of fact, it would be an entire book. Since I'm already working on one book, I'll save this one for another time. The shops have been a bit dry over the past two months and I just bought another car since my last car broke down for the final time. I'm currently late on my first payment and my rent is due at the same time. The inspections have also dwindled because the company that I worked with on a regular basis and had my most lucrative inspections, requires that I have liability and errors and omissions insurance. It's a business expense that I can't afford to have, but at the same time can't afford to not have. So now I'm back to the question of what do I do? I have a part-time job that I've just been hired to. I'm not on the schedule to begin working yet. Well, there's always surveys. Without much effort I've made $224 in cash and gift cards. With a little more effort I'm sure I can cross the $500 by the end of the year. I've also done a little merchandising on the side, but it's been a little dry, too.

Right now I'm just writing whatever comes to my mind, so you'll have to forgive me if my thoughts seem a bit unorganized. I never did finish my experiment with ListMyFive. Perhaps that would've been an extra $10 a month if I had finished it. Same goes for Epinions, which, by the way, paid me $10 back in January for the five reviews I posted over the course of a year and a half. That could also be a potential $10 or more per month with the right amount of effort. I've done freelance writing in the past and I'm having a hard time willing myself back into Textbroker and Freelancer because of the negative memories I associate with that time period of my life while I was working those sites. Memories that have absolutely have nothing to do with writing. Well, they slightly do because I recall the pay being extremely low. I've been on job interviews recently and the part-time job worked out. But, I refuse to quit mystery shopping because I love it so much and also because it would represent so much more than just a source of income that is lost. There's so many layers to it, that if this were to fail after having so much success for the past several months, it would just be an awful feeling. If I can just make it through this rough patch. So, back to writing it is. Only I'll spend more time on Epinions and ListMyFive. I'll also give Squidoo a shot. I have a difficult time forcing myself to write about things I don't care about for only, literally, pennies. It'll all get better soon. This is just another storm. In the meantime, I'll get started on that new list for ListMyFive.

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