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Posted by Tara MeShale on Sunday, December 8, 2013

Wow! It's amazing how time flies when you're working like crazy. My hours increased on my job, I signed contracts with new inspection companies and things have been picking up. Unfortunately, I'm not as far along as I was hoping to be by this point. At this particular moment I don't have any money at all. The past couple of months have been a blur and I'm trying to regain some clarity. I've still been clicking daily on the PTC's, but I'm nowhere near where I was thinking I would be by this point. I was hoping that by this point that I would be earning close to $1 a day on each site, but I realized exactly how expensive renting and maintaining referrals can be. So, I have a little tip for those PTC workers out there: When you first begin renting referrals, turn on the AutoPay function. Almost all PTC sites have it. It ends up being much cheaper in the long run and a lot less hassle because after your initial rental payment, you pay to extend your referrals an extra day whenever they make their first click for the day. The referrals who don't click end up expiring and the active referrals you continue to keep because their expiration dates are extended a day for every day that they're active. It ends up saving you around 15% of what you would have spent renting referrals every week and extending them when they get ready to expire. On most of the sites I'm on I still have less than $2 because I was overwhelmed with renting and maintaining referrals. It cost me a lot of money and time, but since I switched to AutoPay I've noticed a huge difference in earnings and a lot less effort of my part. I never seemed to be able to make it past the $2 mark on Probux, but now I'm above it and have seen a steady increase in income. Now I feel I'm on the right track.

Getting off the PTC subject and onto the title of this post, I've been doing a lot of thinking and praying over this past year about how I can be a better steward and manage the things I have so that I can move onto better things. Also, I've been trying to find ways to be more giving and to come away from my selfish ways. I really like to make a positive impact on other people, but I don't volunteer much. I don't always have a lot of money to donate, but sometimes I manage to give a few dollars here and there. Then I thought about one of my options. I've been a member of Swagbucks for a couple of years now and they have an option where you can donate your earnings to various charities. I recently redeemed most of my points for gift cards, but I still had some left over. I normally don't like having a zero balance after I redeem my earnings on survey/rewards sites, so I always have some left over. I decided to give some of my left over points to charity. They can be easily made up with all the different activities on the site and it really doesn't hurt me at all. I checked some of the other survey/rewards sites I'm a member of and found that the majority have the option to donate to charity. How cool would it be if every member donated just a small portion of their earnings to a charity. How many people would that help? I was thinking that I would just use one or two of the sites I'm a member of exclusively for charity. All the earnings from those particular sites would go towards a charity. I mean, I need money and resources, too, but overall I'm in decent shape. There's someone who needs the points/money/gift cards more than I do. So I just wanted to inspire someone, not because it's the holiday season, but because it's something we should be doing on a daily basis, to find a way to give a little bit to someone else. A little bit of love. A little bit of concern. A little bit of hope.

If you don't have any money to donate or don't want to donate your online earnings, consider a click-to-donate site like
The Hunger Site
The Breast Cancer Site
The Literacy Site

The above sites allow you to donate to these and other charities by simply clicking on a link. In short, there is a network of sponsors who advertise on these sites and for every click they receive they donate funds and resources to various charities. There's also merchandise like clothing, jewelry and coffee mugs that you can purchase. A portion of the proceeds from sales also go towards charity.

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