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Posted by Tara MeShale on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 Under: Make money online
So, recovering from my miscarriage, getting back into the groove of school and moving to a new apartment next week all have my plate pretty full right now, and right now I’m strapped for cash. What am I going to do? My rent is due next week as well as my payment for my Tae Kwon Do class and yesterday I had to spend some money I had no intentions of spending because of a flat tire. Well, here is what I’m doing to get as much extra cash in my pocket and hopefully make enough so that I won’t default on anything. Amazon Mechanical Turk, Mturk for short, is a website where you can sign up as a worker and you can complete various tasks for money. The tasks can be really easy tasks like voting on a poll or a little more complex like writing a 400 word article on a given subject. Unfortunately, most of the tasks are pretty low-paying. The majority of the tasks I do are short surveys for universities doing research that usually pay $0.25-$1.00. The quality of tasks have improved since Mturk has gotten a little more strict with the guidelines. When I first began using the site many of the tasks were a bunch of spam, wanting you to submit your email address and sign up for stuff. Now there are actual tasks on there that may actually be of use to someone. I’ve written a few articles so far for about $4.00 each and the article length was from 250-300 words, which I don’t consider to be all that bad since it took me around 30 minutes to write them and that’s higher pay and less work than the typical article I find on Textbroker. I keep going back to Textbroker to try to find something to write, especially since they pay weekly and I need the money, but I almost feel as though I’m pimping myself out by writing for on of those clients because they offer such low pay. I’d rather write a 250 word article in 30 minutes for $4.00 than write a 500 word article in an hour for the same amount of money or less. I have no affiliate links or anything with Amazon, so this is a personal testimonial. You definitely won’t get rich or even make enough to consider it a part-time job, but it can give you a little boost in case you need an extra $20. 

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